Featured Babymakers, Lauren and Claire from MILK {Moms I’d Like to Know} were nice enough to share a list they have compiled of mom-owned businesses in Austin where you can get amazing gifts while supporting mothers in our community. Shop local and shop for mamas. There are a lot of great ideas here, take note!


Christmas is next week, yo! And don’t even pretend like you’re done with your holiday shopping. This is crunch time and we know you’ve still got coin to spend and some stragglers on your list. So why not shop in support of the mom-owned business (MOB) community!? We’ve featured one or two MOBs already but decided to put this list together to give you a last minute boost of ideas. So step away from the Visa gift card and get something worth wrapping. While some of these businesses are local to Austin, many have online shops for you out of towners. But time is running out, so pretend you’re playing supermarket sweep and start filling your cart! P.S. Know of a mom-owned business that we missed? Feel free to let us know in the comments!


Spa & Beauty Services

milkandhoneyMO   momowned

Fashion, Accessories & Jewelry

hemMO   adelanteMO   kendrascottMO   momowned6   openarmsMO   momowned8

Children’s Toys & Accessories

momowned9   momowned10

Sweet Things

amysicecreamMO   tinypiesMO

Home Decor

momowned13   wildflowerMO   momowned15

Original Art & Prints

momowned16   momowned17

Other Super Ideas

momcomMO   letkellyMO