Local nonprofit, Kids In A New Groove, is doing wonderful things for children and teens in foster care. Their program empowers youth with music education in which kids get weekly private music lessons from a committed one-on-one mentor. With such a consistent and nurturing environment, these kids are building concrete strategies for life-long success.

During the month of May, there are some very easy ways to help Kids In A New Groove maximize their mission. May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and Kids In A New Groove has launched a month-long campaign — Foster the Music — to help raise funds and recognition of their program. Throughout the month of May, when you visit supporting local businesses, proceeds directly benefit these kids.

Participating businesses include JuiceLand, YogurtLand, Dos Batos Tacos, and more. Click here for a full list of Foster the Music supporting locations.

To learn more about Kids In A New Groove and other ways you can support their mission, please visit www.kidsinanewgroove.org.