Just thinking about mimosas makes us feel like celebrating. It’s not everyday that we can start the morning with champagne mixed into our o.j. Whether you’re toasting to a birthday, special occasion or just having brunch with friends — mimosas add some fun to your daytime festivities. Wondering where to get the best mimosa deals in Austin? Below you’ll find our list of favorite spots to get the most tang for your buck.

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$7 Mimosa Carafes at Takoba
1411 E 7th St
East 7th favorite Takoba clearly understands the importance of the alcoholic morning beverage. Equipped with two bars, one inside in the main dining room and one outside on the spacious patio, Takoba keeps the alcohol flowing in the a.m. with $7 Mimosa carafes or $1.50 glasses. Whether you’re wanting to split a carafe with your friends, or drink an entire liter of the orange juice-champagne cocktail all by yourself, Takoba has got you covered. There’s nothing quite like a carafe of Mimosa to wake you up in the morning.

$5 Flavored Mimosas at Isla
208 W 4th St.
Named after the Spanish word for “island,” this West Austin eatery serves Peruvian-inspired food and cocktails that are refreshing and savory. On Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Isla unveils their brunch menu offering authentic breakfast items like Cebiche Mixto and Tamal Criollo. But, of course, Isla doesn’t stop with the eats; the restaurant also offers a wide array of affordable, tasty flavored mimosas including Passion Fruit and Mango. Priced at $5, these Mimosas are quite the bang for your buck. Don’t hesitate. Head down to Isla and take advantage of one of Austin’s best Mimosa deals.

$2 Mimosas at Taverna
258 W 2nd St
Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Taverna is a casual Italian eatery that serves more than just artisan pizzas and tasty bruschetta. Unbeknownst to many, the restaurant also hosts one of the best brunch deals in Austin featuring $2 Mimosas. Guzzle down a couple of Taverna’s delicious Mimosas and load up on good brunch dishes like a Chorizo Omelette or Eggs Benedict. Is there a better way to start your Sunday than with $2 Mimosas? Not very likely.

Photo Credit: Russell’s Bistro Facebook

$6 Strawberry Mimosas at Russell’s Bistro
1601 W 38th St #1
Russell’s Bistro is a homey eatery that serves tasty American fare with traces of international nuances. On Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the bistro unveils a delicious brunch menu that includes a wide array of Mimosa specials. On the menu, you’ll find $2 glasses, $5 Prosecco Mimosas, $6 Strawberry Mimosas, and an $18 carafe. Russell’s Bistro provides an affordable and delicious way to get your morning buzz started.

$3 Glasses of Mimosas at Red’s Porch
3508 S Lamar Blvd 
Overlooking the scenic Barton Springs Greenbelt, Red’s Porch is a relaxing eatery with an outdoor environment. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on Sundays, the restaurant hosts brunch, offering many essential breakfast items like Migas, Croissants, and even Beignets. For the good stuff, Red’s Porch offers $3 Mimosas made from freshly-squeezed orange juice and top-notch champagne. Start your morning off with a one (or two or three) cheap mimosas while gazing into one of the prettiest environments in Austin. Be careful though, these drinks are so cheap you can’t have just one.

$10 Carafes at Cru Wine Bar
238 W 2nd St
Though Cru Wine Bar is known for its elegant wines and gourmet cuisine, this Napa-style eatery also specializes in one of Austin’s best brunches. Cru’s brunch menu features $6.00 glasses and $10.00 carafes, an affordable and generous deal. The mimosas are some of the freshest in town, made with ruffino prosecco and grove stand orange juice. Undeniably refreshing, Cru’s mimosas are some of the best and most affordable in town. Not to mention the $10 carafe special is one that hell of a deal can’t be denied. Load up on brunch food and get your champagne-OJ fix over at Cru Wine Bar.

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$10 Manmosa at Banger’s
79 Rainey St
While this favorite Rainey St. eatery is well-known for its massive wall of beer taps, Banger’s also offers one of Austin’s most insane breakfast cocktails, the coveted Manmosa. Made with one staggering liter of champagne and a splash of orange juice, the Manmosa is quite literally a party in a mug. Sure, the $10 price tag is a little disorienting but trust us, the sheer size of this bad boy is more than worth it. Be careful: consuming more than one of these has proved a dangerous (but seriously fun) morning ritual. Head to Banger’s Sunday brunch (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and get your breakfast boozin’ going on.

$22 Brunch Buffett at Tacos and Tequila
507 Pressler St
With a name like Tacos and Tequila, this restaurant has to know how to serve up a mean breakfast cocktail. And guess what? They sure do. On Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tacos and Tequila offers a special brunch menu that includes an outrageous $22 buffet that includes a huge amount of food like make-your-own breakfast tacos and two monstrously-sized Mimosas. Sure, this deal may be a bit pricey but will it really matter when you’re two mimosas-in and three breakfast tacos down? We didn’t think so.

$60 Gourmet Brunch and Bottomless Mimosas at TRIO
98 San Jacinto Blvd
Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t be shocked by the price. We know, $60 for brunch is a bit pricey but TRIO’s brunch special is well worth the price. Located inside the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel on San Jacinto, TRIO is a place you go to treat yourself. While their Sunday brunch costs a pretty penny, it delivers with a plethora of gourmet breakfast foods like pancakes, pastries, casseroles, and more. And, of course, the $60 admission fee includes bottomless mimosas. Made with some of the freshest orange juice in Austin and high-dollar champagne, TRIO’s mimosas are certainly worth their cost. If you feel like going all out after a long night oif partying, head to TRIO and indulge.

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Yoga + 2 Free Mimosas at Hangar Lounge
318 Colorado
Do Yoga and Mimosas go together? Of course they do, they both make you’re body feel good! Detox your body with an hour of Yoga at Hangar Lounge and then immediately reward it with a little liquid sustenance afterward. A Sunday that starts off kinda rough can be turned right around with his new and ingenious combo.

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