When I heard that Little Red Chunari was being performed at the Scottish Rite Theater, I knew I had to go. I love Little Red… wait, what’s a chunari? (It’s similar to Red’s hood)

An Indian adaptation of the classic Riding Hood tale, Little Red Chunari is an awesome multi-sensory experience that is enjoyable for both adults and children.  As you enter the theater, the air is already perfumed with incense helping to set the mood. The performance is full of rich sensory layers, from the beautiful and detailed costumes to the integration of Hindi into the dialogue.


The story follows Little Red Chunari on a journey to bring food to her grandfather. She is tasked by her mother not to stop, but to be a big girl and to go straight to his house.  The tale is told via a series of small vignettes highlighting the characters Little Red Chunari will meet along her journey.  Each vignette is a show within itself featuring Folk and Bollywood-style dance, puppetry, and stand-up comedy.



Set just off to the side of the children’s floor seating were the musicians, The Sacred Cowgirls. I was sitting next to them, and the music and singing blended so perfectly into the show, I often forgot they were there.  Honestly, their timing was impeccable and added yet another rich layer to the production.

The show had several interactive elements that kept the children engaged. It was an hour long and the length felt just right for the kids around me. At the end of the performance, the cast sat on the stage to meet the audience and sign programs.


Little Red Chunari is an excellent show. Make sure to bring your kids to see it and have a great time exploring a new cultural take on this familiar tale.

Little Red Chunari is playing Feb. 16 at 1:30 and 3:30 pm, Feb. 22 at 11 am and 1 pm, and Feb. 23 at 12:30 and 2:30 pm.Tickets are $6 for children 12 and younger and $9 for ages 13 and up. They can be purchased online here.

– Ava

Ava Love Hanna is a writer, performer, and mother of a super awesome 5-year-old. She loves exploring Austin’s best kid-friendly places with her husband and son. Read about her adventures in writing, parenting, and being obsessed with Doctor Who at avalovehanna.com.