Do512 Family is happy to announce a new series we have cooked up with the lovely people from Bright Horizons, a leading provider of early education and preschool, employer-sponsored childcare, back-up care, educational advisory services and other work/life solutions. They have five locations in the Austin metro area, including a brand new center in Round Rock. Bright Horizons encourages families to get out and learn together, so we came up with the Learning in Austin Series, which will feature places and events in Austin where you and your kids can learn and grow!

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The Nano Exhibit at the Austin Nature and Science Center is an interactive experience for you and your family. Head to the ANSC anytime from now until June 10 and learn all about what nano means for you. This exhibit is, of course, free, as are all of the activities at the ANSC.

This hands-on experience will present the basics of nanoscience and engineering. Through real world applications, your family can explore the societal and ethical implications of this newer technology.

Nanoscience refers to the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Kids will be introduced to the science, and will come to understand that there is a balance required to build a stable nano future.

Exhibit components:

  • What happens when things get smaller?
    -> visitors explore progressively smaller magnetic materials — magnetite sand, iron powder and ferrofluid.
  • What’s new about nano?
    -> visitors work together to build a giant model of a carbon nanotube.
  • Where can you find nano?
    -> visitors try a series of interactive challenges, then search a complex image for examples of real nano products and phenomena.
  • What does nano mean for us?
    -> visitors balance blocks on a tippy table, which represents the challenge of working together to build a stable nano future.
  • Seating and Reading Area
    -> visitors sit comfortably while learning more from books and reading boards.
  • Static vs. Gravity
    -> visitors spin disks containing small and large plastic beads, comparing the relative effects of static electricity and gravity on different size beads.


Go Learning in Austin, at this cool, new exhibit!