When we heard about a local mom starting a business to combat the stinkiness of boys, we were immediately intrigued. Here at Do512 Family, we’re parents to a range of active boys from ages 7 to 13. When first looking for deodorant for our oldest a few years old, we’ll be honest that it was pretty hard to find a natural product that seemed suitable for tweens. Old Spice, Axe Body Spray, etc. seemed a little mature for his needs. We ended up ordering a product online only to have it arrive with the words “for girls” in teeny tiny letters, which he then refused (ugh).
Austin mom of two boys, Michelle Houp, had the similar frustrations when she decided to launch her own line of body care products for boys — Prep U. The idea for Prep U started when Houp couldn’t find a suitable solution for getting her boys clean that wasn’t a “baby” product or something that left them smelling like a couple of frat boys.

Prep U creator, Michelle Houp, with her sons

Houp wanted to develop a product that would be tough on sweat but featured natural ingredients and essential oils. She tested different formulas, and settled on a light citrus-mint scent. The Prep U product line currently includes Prep U Body Spray, Active Dry Powder and Post-Sport Soak, with additional products, including deodorant and body wash, to launch soon. All of the Prep U products are free of chemicals and additives, using plant-based ingredients and essential oils — keeping the products safe but still effective.

While the products were definitely created to help fight the odors of active boys, we imagine that adults (and girls, too) might be interested trying this natural body care line. We’ve found that the powder is great for stinky shoes, and the spray is a good, portable solution to smelly backpacks, sports equipment, closets, and even cars.
You can learn much more about Prep U and order products online at prepuproducts.com. Choose from a body spray, active dry powder, deodorant, body wash, foaming wash and a post-sport soak,  available for $12-$14.50. Also be sure to follow Prep U on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news and info on special discounts.

A mom’s comment from the Prep U Facebook page

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