Providing a little extra magic in our kid’s childhood is simply the greatest gift. The 1960s folk song Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary celebrates great childhood dreams and imagination in a heartwarming way. When we heard that Austin Scottish Rite Theatre was bringing this to the stage, we were very excited to see how this classic tale of make-believe could come to life on stage.

Scottish Rite presents the story of Puff and Jackie Paper’s friendship, finding adventures and fighting pirates, along with some new elements, including the introduction to the Paper family and Jackie’s little sister, Tabitha. Scottish Rite’s version adds some backstory to the original lyrics of the song, and notably, this is the only production authorized by the songwriters and adapted for the stage.

The cast was delightful, the songs were fun, but the most impressive feature of this show is Puff, the dragon himself. Puff is a giant puppet, crafted by Heather and Robert Jarry. Puff stands tall over his puppeteer, Andy Bond, who does a marvelous job handling and voicing this large puppet. His presence on stage, along with a beautiful set design was such a visual treat.

Our kids loved the amount of action on stage at all times. The pirate hijinks and sword battles were slapstick and funny. That choreography kept the kids engaged and giggling throughout most of the production.

This production was full of excitement to capture the adventurous spirit of any young theatre-goer — hidden treasures, pirates, a dragon, a royal king, friendship, and even a baby sister providing some relatable family experiences. Puff, the Magic Dragon was a delightfully fun show!

As with all children’s plays at Austin Scottish Rite Theatre, kids are invited to come early for coloring time in the grand lobby as well as to snack on cookies or drinks (priced at $1 each). Once the theatre doors open, kids are invited to sit on the carpets near the stage to get up-close to all of the action and enjoy the best seats in the house. And kids can stick around after the show for photos and autographs with the cast.

You can catch this production on Saturdays & Sundays at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. through February 26.  Tickets are $12 for ages 12 and up; $8 for children under 12; and free for those ages 2 and under. Click here to get your tickets online.

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