April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month! Mmmmm….Can’t you just go for a delicious grilled cheese right now? If your kids are anything like ours, this is one of their all-time favorite foods. We’re sure you moms and dads are pretty skilled at making these family favorites, but when you’re out and about and want to try something new, here’s a list of places that serve up an awesome grilled cheese. Check out one of these Austin restaurants and food trucks to enjoy this cheesy celebration all month long!


Wholly Cow Burgers: Wholly Cow Burgers is known primarily as South Austins premier location for organically-raised beef patties, hand-cut fries & farm-fresh produce. Besides that, they’ve also got a fantastic Grilled Cheese Sandwich, stacked to the brim with heaps of delicious cheddar.

Black Star Coop: In addition to a menu that features cheese boards, fried chicken, ice cream, and other similarly delicious dishes, Black Star Coop makes a particularly killer Grilled Cheese Sandwich. They also happen to be the worlds first cooperatively-owned and worker self-managed brewpub, so you can grab a cold beer while you munch.

Emojis Grilled Cheese Gourmet: No, this place doesn’t serve iPhone faces. Emojis is a food truck that specializes solely in the fine art of the Grilled Cheese. They also offer specialized sandwiches that combine Grilled Cheese with things like roast beef, bacon, and ham.

Fricano’s Deli: Fricano’s is rightly venerated for being one best, most authentic New York style deli’s in Austin. So yes, they’re primarily known for big city sandwich fare like the reuben, pastrami, etc, but they also do a ridiculously delicious Italian style Grilled Cheese.

The Frisco: The Frisco bills itself as being “The Authentic Austin Diner Experience”, and you can’t really have an authentic diner experience without having grilled cheese on your menu. The Frisco is a longstanding Austin mainstay, and the Grilled Cheese sandwich a similarly longstanding menu item. Simple, to the point, and delicious.

Contigo: Located on 2027 Anchor Lane, and serving an impressive selection of ranch-to-table food, Contigo takes its culinary business seriously. After all, you don’t see many restaurants serving rabbit & dumplings unless they care about what they do. What’s interesting about Contigo is that they serve these fairly complicated dishes alongside their well-loved Grilled Cheese sandwich. Sometimes an uncomplicated classic is just what the doctor ordered.

24 Diner: One of the things that makes 24 Diner’s Grilled Cheese special is that you can get it around the clock. It doesn’t hurt that they make them extra cheesy and delicious.

Burro Cheese Kitchen: This South Congress trailer serves a Croque-Madame made with Sour Dough, Smoked Ham, Fontina + Pesto Aioli & topped with a Fried Egg + Dulce de Leche. Now that’s a sandwich.

Chedd’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese: Don’t let the name fool you. This place does serve grilled cheese. Their “Garden Delight” comes with provolone, avocado, tomatoes, baby spinach and cranberry chipotle sauce on wheat. Dy-no-mite.

Haymaker: This Manor neighborhood bar LOVES cheese. They offer a Margherita grilled cheese with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and homemade basil-pecan pesto, and the heavenly Nutty Grilled Cheese with Pecans, Grand Cru gruyere, sliced apples and mixed greens.

Hot Mama’s Cafe: In addition to a good cup of coffee, this little nook on East 6th has tasty sandwiches including the It’s So Cheesy Panini, made with a six-cheese blend and herbs & spices. Another highlight is the Bacon Alma, with bacon, apples, Havarti & feta topped with a spicy tahini sauce.

The Soup Peddler: Grilled cheese and soup go together like champagne and caviar. The Soup Peddler has three options to choose from, including cheddar, green apple muenster, or pesto provolone. All three will make your soup happy.

Bouldin Creek Cafe: This place is hard to beat in general. But their Grilled Cheese Con Hierbas in particular is a grand slam. It’s filled with melted cheddar/jack cheese with your choice of fresh basil or cilantro on grilled sourdough bread, plus you can add tomato, red onion, spinach or jalapenos.

Blue Star Cafeteria: This place isn’t flashy, but Blue Star Cafeteria has a legit grilled cheese sandwich made with imported swiss, provolone, cheddar & gorgonzola cheese, on sourdough served with apple & dried fruit chutney and dijon mustard.

Did we miss anything? Tell is in the comments below!