A sweet cold treat can certainly brighten any day. Ice cream, sno cones, froyo, gelato, milkshakes. Yum! This is by no means an extensive list of ALL cold treats in Austin, but here’s a roundup of some of our family favorites.

Cool Treats in Austin:

Ice Cream, Gelato & Frozen Yogurt:

Amy’s Ice Creams – It’s hard to not to think immediately of Amy’s Ice Creams when thinking about cold treats. With a so many locations around town, you’re never too far away from their delicious local ice cream, and with playgrounds at select locations, this is a great spot for spending some fun family time.

Cow Tipping Creamery — Started as an Austin ice cream truck, Cow Tipping Creamery is now a shop on South Lamar that offers a unique twist on soft serve with a huge variety of toppings such as birthday cake crumbs or cookie dough.

Dolce Neve — This spot on S. 1st street serves up local Italian gelato, granitas, sorbets, and other cold treats like gelato pops. Here you’ll find high-quality ingredients and great fruit and nut flavors.

Lick – With two locations, Lamar Union and Burnet Rd., Lick offers very unique flavors with locally-sourced ingreidents. You’ll find featured ingredients such as goat cheese, thyme, and beets, but also flavors for unadventurous eaters. Lick also offers vegan options.

Gelateria Gemmeli – Gelateria Gemelli makes their delicious gelato in small batches using organic milk and cream from Organic Valley Coop. You can visit their shop on E. 6th or visit their trailer on E. Cesar Chavez. Their ingedients are sourced from local suppliers such as Austin Orchards, Springdale Farm and others. Everything is fresh and their flavors change with the seasons.

KidsatGemelliToastingtoGelatohorizontalMoojo – What’s better than warm cookies and ice cream? Moojo offers amazing ice cream sandwiches made from gourmet, all natural ice cream, smashed between two warm, freshly baked and totally delicious homemade cookies.

SPUN Ice Cream – This unique ice cream shop on E. 7th offers everything “spun to order” using liquid nitrogen. You can watch the ingredients transform into ice cream in minutes.

Teo’s – When it comes to tasty gelato, Teo has got you covered with fresh choices like Hill Country Peach and  Salted Caramel, and you can even find their gelato in H-E-B stores.

Sweet Ritual – Vegans also get to indulge in some delicious ice cream, thanks to Sweet Ritual. This ice cream parlor on Airport Blvd. features sixteen delicious flavors of dairy free ice cream, a multitude of sundaes, toppings, from-scratch sauces, gluten free waffle cones, shakes & banana splits. You can also find Sweet Ritual ice cream at the newly opened Yummi Joy!

YogurtLand – Another sweet spot for froyo is Yogurt-Land on Anderson Lane. The kids are always excited to pile on their own toppings and customize their desserts.

Pinkberry – With locations all over the world, including two West Austin locations, Pinkberry’s been serving up delicious froyo since 2005. Get yours with a variety of fresh fruit or other tasty toppings.

Berry Austin – Frozen yogurt is definitely one of our kids’ favorite treats, and they love the idea of self-serve. You can make the kids happy at one of the two Berry Austin locations. They even have scavenger hunts at their collaged tables.


Sno Cones:

Casey’s New Orleans Snoballs – Casey’s is a favorite walk-up snoball stand which only uses pure cane sugar. They have 60+ flavors (featuring made-in-house simply syrup) with two standout classic picks: chocolate and cream.

Jim Jim’s Water Ice – Our kids go nuts for Jim Jims. This cold treat is blended so fine that it’s got a very soft texture. They are open from March – November with 4 locations With locations at Deep Eddy, E. 6th as well as the Downtown and SFC Farmer’s Markets.

Sno Beach – Marked by a sunglass-adorned snow cone (clearly making them way…cooler…than other stands), Sno-Beach has two locations and over 60 flavors—ranging from Hawaiian to horchata—making it what, in beach terms, we’d consider pure paradise.

Sweet Caroline’s Snow Shack — Another New Orleans-style snowball spot, Sweet Caroline’s offers “light, fine and fluffy” frozen treats in flavors that run the good-tasting gamut from traditional (think cotton candy) to more outside-the-cone options like red velvet cake.

snoconesOther Cold Treats:

Daily Juice – How about some healthy cold treats? You can find Daily Juice locations all over Austin where they offer kids’ smoothies, juices and healthy fare.

Bananarchy – This food truck, with north and south locations offers bananas coated with chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla or vegan chocolate and topped with, among other choices, nuts, Oreos, M&Ms, graham crackers, sprinkles and cookies.

Hat Creek Burger Co. – For some delicious milkshakes, you can visit any of the 4 Hat Creek locations. Flavors include s’mores, strawberry shortcake and many  more.

HatCreek_shakesWhere do you love to get cold treats? Let us know your favorite places in the comments below!

— Updated July 2017 —