According to our unofficial kid-tested research, it appears that the top picks for sno cones are “rainbow flavor” or basically anything that mixes as many flavors together as possible! Because ALL the colors make this delicious frozen treat even more exciting, right? No matter what flavor your kid is choosing, there’s no denying that getting sno cones on a hot summer day will make everyone happy!

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite places to get sno cones in Austin:


512 Sno
This food trailer serves up icy goodness—in so-called “legendary SnoBiz flavors”—from a lovely location on West 45th.

Bahama Freeze Shaved Ice
If you’re indecisive, we’re sorry, because with 150 amazing (and sometimes bordering on bizarre) flavors—including 12 sugar-free varieties—Bahama Freeze is going to make the snow cone-ordering aspect of your life terribly difficult. (Life’s tough sometimes).

—  Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs
You might have a lot of questions like “Who is Casey?” or “How does New Orleans do snow cones differently?” You’ll find those answers here. Meanwhile, we’re going to cut to the taste chase and turn the focus towards their 60+ flavors (featuring made-in-house simply syrup), and two classic picks in particular: chocolate and cream.

While it’s not a snow cone stand, and technically a bar, you can come by Haymaker on Fridays for Sno Cone Happy Hour, a magical previously non-existent time during which you’ll find plenty of kids with their sno cones along with grownups enjoying theirs that can be enhanced with alcohol.

Ice Ice Baby
A self-described “lean, green, ice-shaving machine,” Ice Ice Baby is conveniently located by barbecue juggernaut Franklin’s, serving as a sweet finale for a big platter of brisket or—even better—the optimal way to cool off while you wait in line. (It’s also worth a visit on its own, for the record.) Cool off with a classic or dress up your dessert with some awesome toppings. Oh, and on the flavor front, don’t worry: They offer way more than just…Vanilla Ice.

Jim Jim’s Water Ice
While we’re all familiar with ice water, sometimes you have to turn the tables and opt for water-ice, which is apparently a Philadelphia thing and definitely lot more exciting than it sounds. With four locations in Austin—including one on Sixth Street—Jim-Jim’s serves up sweet, slushy concoctions that you have the option to make even more magical with the addition of ice cream. We’ll go ahead and tell you that’s a good option.

Kona Ice
While we can’t list an exact location for you to go find Kona Ice, we can’t leave it off this list. When our kids learn that Kona Ice will be at an event, they get so excited. Kona Ice is a unique, family-oriented mobile shaved ice truck that caters to parties, fundraisers and events of all types. They basically hand the kids a cup of ice and let them pour on the flavors. You can book Kona Ice for your own events or keep up with the truck’s whereabouts on Facebook. Learn more on their website.

Rita’s Italian Ice
When we think of Italian food, it’s usually spaghetti that comes to mind—not shaved ice. BUT ALL OF THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! Okay, that might be more dramatic than the situation warranted, but the point is that this Italian dessert is creamy, dreamy and made with real fruit. Oh, and they have custard. Ya know, if that’s what you’re into.

Rockaway Beach Island
In addition to salivation-worthy subs, Rockaway Beach on Riverside Drive boasts shaved ice in dozens of flavors, all of which can be transformed into a Pickadilly with the addition of pickles, Trechas food seasoning and Kool Aid on top.

Sno Beach
Marked by a sunglass-adorned snow cone (clearly making them way…cooler…than other stands), Sno-Beach has two locations and over 60 flavors—ranging from Hawaiian to horchata—making it what, in beach terms, we’d consider pure paradise.

Sweet Caroline’s Snowshack
Another New Orleans-style snowball spot, Sweet Caroline’s offers “light, fine and fluffy” frozen treats in flavors that run the good-tasting gamut from traditional (think cotton candy) to more outside-the-cone options like red velvet cake. And really, anything cake-flavored is fine with us.

Did we miss a sno cone in Austin? (So not cool.) Tell us in the comments below.

Contributed by Sam Sumpter