Need a sweet treat to celebrate a successful first day of school? How about some cupcakes?! While Austin is known for breakfast tacos and BBQ, we sure do have some pretty great cupcake shops around here. Check out some of our favorites:

photo credit: Bribery Bakery

Bribery Bakery
It’s not easy guessing what Austin looks for in an establishment these days, but fortunately, Bribery Bakery has nailed the shifting dining proposition with a cutesy, welcoming aesthetic serving upscale sweet treats. Bribery bakes unique sweet and savory pastries that change daily as well offer a variety of cocktails and spritzers perfect for washing down tasty treats.

photo credit: Hey Cupcake!

Hey Cupcake!
Food trucks are one of the best ways we Austinites showcase the city’s diverse, experimental and delicious cuisine. And Hey Cupcake is no exception to the rule. Located on South Congress and classic by menu, this cupcake trailer is a great way to show your guests that we’re not all brisket and Tex-Mex. Everything offered is top notch, but the Red Velvet small cake is what really steals Central Texas’ hearts. What better way to celebrate cupcake day than strolling SoCo sweet treat in hand.

photo credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes
These notable New York Cupcakes have made their way to Central Texas! Sprinkles offers a small cake applicable to any celebration or event, so it’s no surprise they’ve created a new home base here in Austin’s The Domain. In honor of National Cupcake Month, the famous bakery is serving up their S’mores cake all month long. A delicacy so ooey-gooey, and easily attained without having to rough it in the woods, The Domain has never been so lucky! And to add even more thrill to the cupcake transaction, Sprinkles also disburses cupcakes straight from an ATM. For a taste of the Big Apple right here in ATX, look no further than Sprinkle’s Cupcakes.

photo credit: quack’s 43rd street bakery

 Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery
If a quality workspace is as much on your mind as a cup of coffee and a cupcake, then head over to Quack’s, because you can’t just work out of any old brew-house. This hip coffeehouse has an easygoing vibe and sells oversized baked goods, paninis & espresso drinks, all at reasonable prices. Quack’s is just as useful for weekend sweet treats as it is for on the clock weekday work. So, hang out, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the artsy, laid back space as you plug away at your workload. You’ve earned it.

photo credit: Sugar mama’s bake shop

Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop
When you think of Austin, you think of Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop. They have a huge selection of goodness to try and everything on the menu to convince out-of-towners to start planning their move to the Midwest. Sugar Mama’s comes highly recommended and even claim the Cupcake Wars winner title for the “Weird Al” episode. So if you’re looking for a place that will impress, without being too over the top, swing by this South 1st shop for some Austin love and high-quality sweets.

photo credit: Upper crust bakery

Upper Crust Bakery
True to type baked goods, a comfortable and open atmosphere, and a friendly neighborhood vibe make Upper Crust Bakery a breakfast go-to. Perfect for when you’re having a good, bad or in-between day, this spot will always be a constant for cupcakes and other luxuries. Seriously, the UC cinnamon roll is the standard by which Austin should judge all other cinnamon rolls. With top quality ingredients and presentation, Upper Crust Bakery knows how to bake one heck of a sweet treat.

photo credit: capital city bakery

Capital City Bakery
Everything here screams trendy East Austin. Capital City’s top priority is to dish out daily pastries that keep not only health in mind, but also preserve the planet’s natural resources. Not to mention, everything made at Capital City is 100% vegan and equally delicious. All in all a cute little shop to check out and spend some dough, no matter your dietary preference.

Post Contributed by Rebecca West

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