If there’s one thing to know about ZACH Theatre for Families, it’s that they truly put so much effort into making your child’s experience a magical one. They’re experts at challenging young minds (and grown-up ones, too) to harness their creativity and jump right into new stories along with the characters on stage. In their latest production of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, we’re invited to step into that mysterious wardrobe and travel along with them to the enchanting land of Narnia.

Director, Nat Miller, pays so much attention to every detail — hoping each family’s visit to ZACH is enjoyable. From the moment you arrive, you’re welcomed with a craft station in the lobby to keep busy kids active before the show. But don’t spend too much time out there because kids are entertained as soon as they step into the theatre. Actors invite children to actually travel through the set’s wardrobe and through the hallways backstage for an interactive experience before sitting down with mom or dad. Plus, the show’s actors even perform magic tricks while everyone is getting seated.

When the play starts, you might be surprised to see that there are only two actors in this production. Chase Brewer plays the roles of Peter, Edmund, Mr. Tumnus, Beaver and Aslan. Leslie Ann Leal plays Lucy, Susan and the White Witch. Despite the small cast, have no worries about their ability to tell the full story of C.S. Lewis’ classic adventure. The actors did an amazing job transforming themselves into characters right before our eyes. Using hats and props, sometimes umbrellas, the actors could easily identify themselves to the audience.

photo by Kirk Tuck

As the mom of three boys who are already familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia book series, my family was excited to see the show, but I knew they would be critics if they didn’t feel like it lived up to their expectations. ZACH really captured the wonderous, magical world, and my whole family loved it (even the eleven-year-old who was concerned that he might be “too old for children’s theatre”).

This show was presented with such creative vision. Set as theatre-in-the-round, the audience was made to feel part of it all in this intimate space. Special touches such as snowfall (inside the theatre!) created a sense of true magic. Large video screens were used to depict different locations, reminding kids where they were in the show, journeying back and forth between worlds. Not to give any details away, but we had goosebumps over the special way in which they had Alsan come back to life. It was a very dramatic theatrical moment!

We certainly felt the magic in this production, and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!

photo by Kirk Tuck

Schedule: You can see this production on Saturdays at  11 a.m. and 2 p.m. as well as Sundays at 2 p.m. through February 25, 2018.  This show is recommended for ages 5 & up. The run time is one hour & 20 minutes with an intermission.

Tickets: You can get your tickets online here or by phone at 512-476- 0541 x1. Prices are: $18 for youth and $24 for adults. Discounts available for groups of 8 or more.

For more info, visit zachtheatre.org.