We are not even going to attempt to tell you where to find the best pizza in Austin. There are so many delicious options. And we all know that everyone has their own opinion about what makes an excellent pie. But we have done some very unscientific research to present you with a list of KIDS FAVORITE PLACES to go for pizza. So the next time you want to take the kiddos out to dinner, here’s some ideas of where to go for an evening of smiles and full bellies. 

Family Favorites: Pizza in Austin

(in no particular order)

Home Slice
Walking by this popular South Congress restaurant will have your mouth watering. Soon you can also pop into the new North Loop location at 501 E. 53rd St. (officially opening on Wednesday, May 30). The smell alone will have you hooked on that New York–style pizza. If you opt to dine in, be prepared for some long wait times (depending on the time of day), but they’ll provide a ball of dough for the kids to play with to pass the time. You can also take your pies to go, of course. (menu)

from the Home Slice Facebook page

Double Dave’s Pizzaworks
Besides their big menu of pizza options, kids love Double Dave’s pepperoni or cheese rolls. And with 5 Austin locations, it’s easy to see why this was a popular favorite among Austin kids. Grown-ups are also big fans of their Philly cheese steaks and more. Plenty of options for the whole family. (menu & location info)

Little Deli
Tucked into a tiny shopping center in the Crestview neighborhood, this pizza parlor and deli offers hand-tossed Jersey-style, thin pies. Little Deli may be housed in a very small space, but families can enjoy the wooden picnic tables outside, and BYOB is allowed. (menu)

from the Little Deli Facebook page

Gattiland & Gattitown
Besides the buffet of Gatti’s pizza, salads, and dessert options, both Gattliand (north) and Gattitown (south) offer a HUGE arcade! Kids can run around playing the latest video games earn tickets to redeem for prizes when they’re done. Plus there’s bumper cars, mini-bowling and kids’ movies playing on the screens in the dining areas. It’s definitely a fun treat for kids to play and eat at these locations. You can visit each website for details about pricing and special offers. (Gattiland details & Gattitown details)

Pinthouse Pizza
Pinthouse Pizza is a very causal craft brewpub and pizza parlour with long wooden tables for open seating, and a few old school arcade games to keep kids of all ages entertained. You’ll find that their menu includes pizzas, salads, and appetizers made in-house, by hand with many locally sourced, organic ingredients that go great with their award-winning brews. Locations in both South & North/Central Austin. (menu)

photo from the Pinthouse Pizza Facebook page

This family-run, locally-owned small business, has three locations – south, north and central. With fresh produce and mostly local ingredients, their pies can be a healthy option for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. Conan’s is popular for their Chicago-style deep pan wheat dough. They offer lots of weekday specials, and you can find a coupon on their website. (menu)

VIA 313 Pizzeria
If you want to try legit Detroit-style pizza, VIA 313 is the place to go! Here you’ll find square, deep-dish pies with the toppings layered upside down — first toppings, then cheese, then sauce. You can find this delicious pizza for lunch or dinner in their restaurants on Guadalupe or Hwy. 290, or you can visit one of their trailers located on Rainey Street and E. 6th during evening hours. (menu)

photo from Via 313’s Facebook page

Austin’s Park n’ Pizza
With 22 acres fun attractions and an all all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s no wonder why kids love to go to Austin’s Park. You’ll find go karts, bumper boats, laser tag, mini-golf, rock walls, kiddie rides, and more. With all of this fun, it’s a great place for birthday parties, too. You can visit their website for pricing options and to find any special discount offers. (menu)

Southside Flying Pizza
Southside Flying Pizza has multiple locations (and a food trailer) that serve fresh hand-tossed Neapolitan style pizza with crust options such as wheat and gluten-free. They are also active supporters of community service, and they provide 1% of all online orders to the Texas School for the Deaf. (menu & location info)

photo from the Southside Flying Pizza Facebook page

More Reader’s Favorites! We asked, you told us! Thanks for sharing your kid’s favorite pizza picks on our Facebook page. In addition to the pizza places listed above, you noted the following are big hits with your kids:

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