Did you know that Gymboree Play and Music offers preschool programs for ages 2-5? Now’s your chance to learn all about it! On Saturday, May 7, you and the kids can head over to the Gymboree Play and Music School Readiness Faire from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the Arboretum Crossing location. In addition to classroom tours, meeting with teachers and sample activities for kids, there will also be a visit from a fire truck and free ice cream!
112270233573205.477aVB7eKjj39cOTmFkP_height640At the School Readiness Fair, you can:
  • Experience the preschool learning approach for kids ages 2-5 years old.
  • Explore art, music and play enrichment options.
  • Sample engaging and interactive school readiness activities.
  • Tour our classrooms and discovery tables.
  • Meet with expert educators.
  • Enjoy a visit from the fire department at 4 p.m. & have ice cream.
To reserve your spot at the fair, call 512-451-8644 or email arboretumtx@gymboreeclasses.com. You’re also welcome to simply walk in.
–> About the Preschool Programs:
Here’s a peak into Preschool Steps:
  • 1 hour and 15 minute class
  • Ages 2 to 3 years
  • Parent-Child Interactive Play and Separation Time
  • Activities:
    • Opening songs and movement exploration on the playscape
    • Parent and child separation when adults can have free time in the lobby or go to grab coffee
    • Parachute play and goodbye dance

Here’s an overview of the School Skills Program:

  • For ages 3-5.
  • The school skills class includes both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal and social skills your preschool child will need for a successful transition into school. 
  • Encourage curiosity and build self-confidence in your preschooler through art, science exploration, play and more.
  • Teachers read children’s books that explore and nurture key social and emotional skills, engage in activities that require cooperation and self-awareness, and encourage communication with peers.

For more info about classes, you can visit www.gymboreeclasses.com. You can also click here to visit the Facebook page for the local Gymboree Arboretum location for updates and special events.