A fresh start to the year is a great time to try new things! Want to let your kids experiment with new hobbies and see what fits their style? Austin has a variety of classes for kids that range from classic activities to ones that “keep it weird”. Below we’ve rounded up some suggestions for learning unique skills as well as listings of where to find music, art, movement classes and more.

Looking for a new hobby? How about learning how to …

1. Play the ukulele. Groundwork Music Project offers afterschool classes at several elementary schools in the Austin area, but you can also sign up for a one-hour weekend workshop that will introduce kids to the ukulele. Children learn about proper technique for strumming and picking, as well as instrument fundamentals to get them started playing this instrument. Click here for more info.

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Photo from Groundwork Music Project

2. Cook dinner like a Food Network champ. There are a variety of age-appropriate cooking classes around Austin for your junior chefs, including this fun one at Foodie Kids called the TV Style Chef Competition Series. Kids ages 9-15 learn advanced pastry and culinary techniques, knife skills, and plating methods inspired by new recipes each week. Each lesson leads up to a Chopped® style competition on the last day! Foodie Kids also offers classes for both younger kids as well as parent/tot classes. Click here for more info.

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Photo from Foodie Kids

3. Show off some circus-style aerial tricks. Try some movement classes with at twist. The Little Yoga House offers Kids Aerial Yoga, a class series that integrates aerial arts with yoga. Yoga in the aerial hammocks is a whole new experience and is a great tool to aid in stimulating the sensory system, body awareness, social and emotional needs, and self regulation. Click here for more info.

— More Movement Classes:

Photo from The Little Yoga House

4. Create your own comic books. The Art School at Laguna Gloria is well known for their art camps, but did you know they host classes all year long? Kids can sign up for a variety of painting, sculpting and drawing classes like this one: Comics Drawing & Illustration where they learn drawing and layout skills to tell their own stories through the medium of comics. Click here to view all the offerings at The Contemporary Austin’s Art School.

— More Art Classes:

Photo from Austin Creative Arts Center

5. Build a robot. Combine motors, switches and recycled materials to build your very own Arto Roboto at the Thinkery’s Art Bots workshop. With a variety of dates and times to sign up for, your kids can tinker with weight, length and speed to see what different motions and patterns their contraption creates! Click here to view all of their Think Lab classes and workshops.

–> More Ideas for Building & Tinkering:

Photo from the Thinkery

6. Perfect your archery skills. How about trying a new sport this year? Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen and learn to shoot arrows in a safe learning environment. Austin’s Archery Training Center has beginning level and competitive target archery classes for both kids and adults. Click here for more info on their classes.

Photo from the Archery Training Center’s FB page. Photo by Jeff Hoag

— More Sports Classes:

Of course there are many more awesome classes out there in the Austin area. We welcome your suggestions in the comments below. And we hope you and the kids enjoy getting out there and trying new things in 2018!