Walking the Faerie Woodland Trail at the Zilker Botanical Gardens can inspire all kinds of questions – like “How did they get moss to grow there?” and “Where do you find such tiny plants?” This Saturday, May 17, you and your kids can learn all about it at the Faerie Landscaping Workshop.


At this workshop, gardeners and horticulture staff from the Zilker Botanical Gardens will teach you how to use live plants and other natural materials to create your own faerie garden like the ones on the Faerie Woodland Trail.

The cost is $5 per participant, plus a $25 fee for a garden kit. You can choose from two times: the morning workshop from 9 – 11 am or the afternoon workshop from 12 – 2. Fill out and submit the registration forms, found here. A confirmation will be emailed to you.

Have fun!


– Alicia Noack