If you’re looking to take a mini family vacation where you can relax and unwind, or get active and enjoy the great outdoors, you can find it all at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa. It’s just a short 45-minute or so drive from Austin to Bastrop, but it’s a world of difference!

Do512 Family’s General Manager, Jamie Jett, took her 10-year-old son for a quick getaway into the hills of the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa for a weekend of swimming, hiking and resort hallway wandering, here are her thoughts.


My son and I needed a quick exit out of the city, so we headed to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa on a Friday after I picked him up from school. I was pleased that it didn’t take too long and that traffic, although congested, wasn’t anything worse than trying to go from North Austin to South Austin on any given day.

The resort is in Bastrop, off Highway 71 and about 45 minutes east from Austin. Once you turn off 71, you’ll take a 1- to 2-mile drive through a winding small road to get to the resort. It’s a nice drive, that makes you realize you are exiting the city and arriving upon a relaxing, yet adventurous, destination.

View from the room.

View from the room.

Check-in was a breeze. The concierge went over the resort layout and gave us a map and all of the information we would need to make our plans. All our questions were answered and we made our way to our room.


The beds were made out of dreams. So soft and clean! My son immediately did his ritual of jumping back and forth from bed to bed (sorry, Hyatt), and I’m embarrassed happy to report that they are kid-jumping-on-the-bed APPROVED.

The first thing we wanted to do was find the bike corral and check out the grounds. They were easy to find, and all you had to do was find the right size and start riding! This made me happy, because I thought we’d have to go through some rental process, but it was very easy and accessible. Bikes and helmets of all sizes were available and up for grabs for most of the day.


We rode around the resort to get our bearings and see what the grounds had to offer. We found special gardens, farm animals, horseshoe games, an opportunity to play tetherball, a ping pong table and other trails that were for walking only.


A gorgeous garden, perfect for insect sightings!



A great photo opportunity, decorated for the season.



A garden designed to attract hummingbirds.



We saw longhorns, ponies, a llama and other farm animals.


A playscape for the littles.

A playscape for the littles.


Plenty of picnic tables in the shade so you can keep an eye on your babies.

Plenty of picnic tables in the shade so you can keep an eye on your babies.


After riding bikes around, we decided to take a quick dip at the Crooked River Water Park, home to a 1000-foot flowing lazy river and a pool area complete with a slide, a beach, water basketball, water volleyball, an adult pool, two whirlpools, a splash pad, a children’s pool and plenty of space for lounging in the sun or in the shade. Plus, there is a poolside bar and lunch spot with servers walking around to bring you anything you need. There are tubes and life vests available so that children at any swim level and any age group can have a fun and safe swim.


Shootin' hoops in the pool.

Shootin’ hoops in the pool.


A gorgeous sunset behind the beach area.

A gorgeous sunset behind the beach area.


The pool area and the lazy river were a huge hit with us! My son loved the basketball goal and I saw several children and their parents playing together in various parts of the pool and beach areas.

After swimming, it was time to eat!

There are several dining options available at the resort. You can find everything from fine dining, to a live music-filled bar-type restaurant, to a classic lunch spot and even an ice cream saloon. We chose Firewheel Cafe and went with the buffet because our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. The food was delicious and there was plenty of variety for both of us. The dessert bar was definitely the highlight, with a chocolate fountain and several bite size treats up for grabs.

The resort features an outside movie and s’mores at the firepit whenever the weather allows. After dinner, we headed to the amphitheater for a screening of Frankenweenie, but not without eating even more treats, in the form of a melted ‘mallow on a graham.

Getting our s'more fix!

Getting our s’more fix!


After dinner and a movie, it was time to wind down. We hung out in our room and watched TV until drifting off to sleep. We had a great night’s sleep and were ready for some outdoor adventuring the next morning!

We started off our morning with an amazing breakfast at the Firewheel Cafe. Their buffet had a full spread with anything you could imagine. There were biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, an omelette bar, a yogurt bar, fruit, pastries, toast, muffins – the works!

After a hearty breakfast we took a stroll around the resort, making our way to McKinney Roughs Nature Park. You can enter the park from the resort, and gain access to 1,100 acres of natural wonder and around 18 miles of trails!



A path to the trail is a short trek from the resort.

The trails were a nice escape and felt very secluded. We only saw a few other families while we were hiking. I had grabbed some snacks from our breakfast buffet – a couple of bananas and boxes of cereal, along with some water. I recommend you do the same, it was a life saver!

The trail gave us a chance to talk in a way we don’t normally get to do. I am always grateful for a break from distractions because that’s when my son and I start talking about things that we can’t get to in our everyday life. He told me stories about him and his friends and shared some memories I haven’t heard before. I was so thankful for the chance to spend some time outdoors and catch up!


We also climbed trees!

On our way back from the trail, we walked along the river for some great views and recreation. If your family wants to play and let loose, there is a small soccer field, a basketball court and plenty of open space to run around.


A view of the river.

After our morning wanderings, it was time to leave 🙁 I was very satisfied with our stay, but there were LOTS of things that we didn’t have the chance to do. The resort has an amazing 18-hole golf course, archery lessons, horseback riding, trap shooting, a zipline and climbing wall and even fly fishing! There are also fun family nights planned where you can participate in flag football, horseshoe tournaments, an XBOX game night, water balloon wars, nature art, and even glow-in-the-dark tennis, badminton and putt-putt.

Our family will definitely be staying at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa again the future. There is so much to do, I feel like we barely scratched the surface. You’ll definitely want to stay for a whole weekend so you can make the most out of your vacation. And if parents want a day to themselves, they do offer Camp Hyatt, a camp that offers kid-friendly fun in the morning, afternoon and evening so that parents can participate in activities on their own.

For more information and to book your room, you can head to their website. Stay in touch by following their Facebook page, their Twitter or give them a follow on Instagram.